Can we please move on and allow folks to add comments to boosts already?!

I’m keep wanting to contextualize WHY I’m sharing something. This is not a link blog. My followers are following me, they deserve to understand why I share something when it’s not obvious.

I want to use my voice to forward attention, not spam people with posts like a goddamned robot.

If people use it for abuse, MODERATE THEM!

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"The Simplicity of Single-File Deployments" On the frontpage of - Upvote if you like it :-)

As expected, the official narrative is slowly becoming that AI ethics is why Google fell behind OpenAI and Bing.

This is a much more appealing narrative than the company wanted to protect ad revenue and got too slow & bureaucratic to ship software.

For now very happy with deployment of a binary with daily restarts.

"Decisions are not an event but a process" -Stephan Schmidt

I'm posting this partially to acknowledge progress and to thank all who made it happen, but also to encourage those who get discouraged and think that one individual can't change anything big.
In 2018, I received my Census code in the mail. I'm totally blind and had difficulty performing OCR on the code, so I asked the Census Help Line if I could have the code texted to me. They first said that would be fine, but then said they couldn't do it for "security reasons" a standard phrase that is often used to fob people off.
After I issued a media release, being interviewed by several. media organisations and the Minister being asked to comment, a senior official from Statistics NZ actually came to our house on a Sunday afternoon to read me my code, which was absurd.
I started a Parliamentary petition. I appeared before a Select Committee. The Committee was sympathetic. I got a personal apology from the Minister sent to me as an inaccessible PDF image so they had to send it a second time. But in the end, I got a commitment that yes, blind people count and this debacle would never happen again.
Here we are in 2023 and its census time again. This year, I went to the fully accessible website, completed a fully accessible form to get my code texted to me, and have now completed the fully accessible form. I know this wouldn't have happened had I not taken a stand.
So when you think you can't change things for the better, please don't sell yourself short. Each of us have the ability, and I maintain we have the duty, to make good change in the world.
Thank you to all those involved in Government at all levels for getting it so right this time.

compilation speed directy correlates with the speed of your SSD - Samsung 970 Evo Plus vs. WD_BLACK SN850 LOC/sec

If you are a in 🇺🇦 , you can get free coaching from me.

Warum glauben alle, dass in anderen Jobs überall nur Idioten arbeiten? :think_bread:

Newsletter Published ✅

This week includes:

* 🦹 Tech Lead Management roles are a tra
* 🤖A 1x Engineer
* 💻 Big Data is Dead

I get ghosted by so many leads, we have a video chat, no more response, I politely ask some weeks later, noresponse. If they do that in their daily work, they don't need a CTO coach b/c their problem is obvious.

Hahaha this is excellent! Almost-too-real-to-be-satire layoff email:

Thanks to @stephan for sharing in his (also excellent!) newsletter.

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